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Model Publication Scheme

The Freedom of information Act 2000 (FOIA) requires public authorities to adopt and maintain a publication scheme which has been approved by the Information Commissioner and to publish information in accordance with the scheme. Click here to view the model publication scheme.


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Climate Change

To encourage the local community to help to reduce climate change the Parish Council produced an article for publication in 'The Grapevine', a magazine which is distributed to most local households. The article covered issues such as recycling, composting, cutting car emissions and reducing energy consumption in the home with useful website addresses and contacts for further information. Please click on the following links to view page 1, page 2, page 3 and page 4 and remember REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE your waste.


Parish Council Minutes

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Parish Council Appointments

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The Parish Councilís effort and money is used in many different ways:

In addition to the activities which we fund, we own and manage the Walled Garden at Grappenhall Heys, a restored Victorian garden which is maintained by an endowment fund at no cost to local taxpayers (




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The Parish Council takes a keen interest in planning matters and works tirelessly to defend and improve the environment.

Through its Planning sub-committee, the Council reviews and comments on all Planning Applications in the Parish (about 200 annually), with the objective of preserving and enhancing the built environment and protecting open spaces.

We pay special attention to the three Conservation Areas in the Parish, in the heart of Thelwall and Grappenhall Villages and at York Road/Victoria Road in Grappenhall. The basis of the Council's stance on planning matters is the Village Design Statement which was approved in 2003 after two years of hard work involving a team of community volunteers.

If you have a planning application under consideration, or you are unhappy about someone elseís application, you can look at the calendar of meetings to see when the next meeting of the Planning Committee is, or you can contact us to find out when it will be considered.  All Committee meetings are open to the public and start at 7.30 p.m.

If you are writing to the Borough Council objecting to an application, or supporting one, it is helpful if you let us have a copy.

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  Village Design Statement

The basis of the Parish Council's stance on Planning matters is the Village Design Statement, which was approved in 2003 after two years of hard work involving a team of community volunteers.

The Village Design Statement can be downloaded by clicking here.

Note that the file is quite large and may take several minutes to download, especially if you are using a dial-up connection.

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